Jul 16

f you connect your Mac OS X to the internet, then yes you need a Mac OS X Compatible Antivirus software program.  The only safe computer or Mac is one that never connects to any network and is always physically secure.  So, now that you know you need antivirus software, the question is what is out there for mac users as far as antivirus software goes?  I recommend PC Tools Antivirus software.  It seems to be a pretty good antivirus program and it’s also free for home users.  Corporate users have to pay a nominal fee.  You can download PC Tools Antivirus software for Mac OS X from the following link:  http://www.iantivirus.com/download/

Once you install the software, which is a very easy install, it will startup automatically and you can go ahead and make sure that “Protect My Mac” is checked and then you can go ahead and scan your mac to make sure that you don’t have anything on your computer that is malicious.

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