Jul 15

In order to create a new virtual machine, you will need to login and expand the esx server named “esxserver.example.com” and then click on your resource pool which happens to be your name.  You will then right click on the resource pool and select “New Virtual Machine”.  Once you have created your virtual machine and you are ready to install the operating system, you will need to click on your virtual machine and edit the settings.  You will need to right click on the virtual machine and select “Edit Settings”.  Once you are in “Edit Settings”, you will need to click on the “Option” tab and then select the “Boot Options” portion of the screen.  Once this is done you will need to check the “Force BIOS Setup” checkbox.  At this point you will need to put your operating system install disc into your cd drive on your local computer and then click “OK”.  Now it is time to click on your VM and power it on.  Once the VM is powered on, you will need to click on the console tab icon on the toolbar.  The icon is a computer with an upward right arrow.  Once you have the console screen up you will see the “PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility” Screen.  Using the right arrow key, you can move the menu to the “Boot” menu.  Now you will need to use the arrow keys to select  ”CD-ROM Drive”.  Once this has been done you will need to click on the “+” button to move the “CD-ROM Drive” to the top of the boot menu.  At this point you will need to press the “control” + “Alt” buttons to release control of the VM.  Now it is time connect your local “CD-ROM Drive” to your virtual machine.  You will need to click on the Cdrom with a wrench icon and then select your cd–rom that has your operating system disc in it.  Once this has been done, you can click back into the console screen and use the right arrow key to move to the “Exit” menu of your “PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility” screen.  At this point, you want to “Exit Saving Changes”.  Now you will see a “Setup Confirmation” box appear.  Just make sure that “YES” is highlighted and hit the return key.  When your VM reboots it should automatically boot your operating system install disc and you can then install your operating system on your VM.

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