Jul 13

I was able to get 10.4 on a new 10.5 osx intel macbook. Below is how I got it working:

1.) You need access to a intel IMac or Mac Mini

2.) You need a usb flash drive

3.) connect the usb Flash drive to the IMac or Mac Mini

4.) Go to Utilites -> Disk Utility

5.) Click on the Removable disk then on the Restore Tab

6.) Drag your IMac or Mac Mini Disk Drive in the left hand column over to the source.

7.) Drag your usb flash drive to the destination.

8.) Check Erase Destination and then click on Restore button.

9.) After this completes, take your usb drive over to your new macbook.

10.) take out the battery and remove the screws so that you can take the harddrive out.

11.) plug in your usb drive and power up your new macbook.

12.) It will then boot into 10.4, once it boots up you will want to go to system preferences and click on startup disk. Change your startup disk to the usb flash drive and restart your macbook.

13.) before you restart your macbook while it is still powered up plug your hardddrive back in.

14.) Once your computer starts up do steps 4-8 again but make your source the usb drive and your destination your new macbook harddrive.

15.) When this completes you should be able to go to system preference -> startup disk and change your startup disk to your new macbook harddrive.

16.) Restart


  1. paddy says:

    Did this really work? I have been told that will not work down grading your osx to tiger I am desperate for this to work, please confirm.

  2. crazyedy says:

    Yes, this really did work for me. I’m not saying that it will work for you, and I accept no responsibility for anything you try.


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