Sep 24

Well, let me guess… are trying to install some version of windows on an esx server and it can’t find the hard drive. Well, you are in luck…the only thing you need to do is download the following file:


After downloading this file you need to upload it to your esx datastore. Then you need to set the floppy drive to point to the vmscsi- on the esx server datastore. Then when you start the Windows XP installation by powering on the VM, When prompted to add ‘Additional SCSI Drivers‘, press F6 (Function key button). Connect your VMware ESX floppy disk ISO (flp) image of the Buslogic SCSI controller driver , then press the ‘S‘ key to specify an additional device. The Windows XP installation process should now read this ISO file and will detect the controller drivers. Press the ‘Enter‘ key to continue. The Windows XP Professional installation this time finds (detected) the hard drive without any issue.

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