Aug 14

Let me guess, you can’t delete a file from the Trash bin on your Mac. When you try to ‘Empty Trash’ you get an error message saying ‘The operation cannot be completed because the file is locked’. This is a fairly common problem and one which almost every Mac user encounters at some point. I will show you how to delete the file from your system.

Deleting a file from Trash

Some Common errors upon attempting to Empty Trash include: “The operation cannot be completed because the file is locked” or “The operation cannot be completed because the item is in use”.

  1. 1.Drag the file from your Trash bin to the Desktop.
  2. 2.Launch a Terminal Go > Utilities > Terminal and type the following into the terminal window leaving a space after f:
  3. ~/.Trash && sudo rm -rf
  4. 4.Drag the file from your Desktop to the terminal window and then press Enter
  5. 5.Enter your password when prompted and press Enter

6.    If everything goes as planned the file should now be deleted from your system.

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