Jun 27

Step One
First things first, in order to build a multiboot linux box you have to start by picking the operating systems that you want to install. Listed below are the os’s that I picked:

1. ) Fedora 9
2. ) Fedora 10
3. ) CentOS 5
4. ) Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11
5. ) Open Suse 11
6. ) Open Suse 10
7. ) Ubuntu 8.10
8. ) Ubuntu 9.04
9. ) Mandriva
10. ) Knoppix 5.1
11. ) Slackware
12. ) Gentoo 2008.0
13. ) Mepis

Step Two
After you have picked what operating systems you want to install you need to partition the hard drive. I used Ubuntu 9.04 Live cd’s Partition Editor to partition my box. Listed below is the disk layout that I used:

Also, every linux os installed will use the /dev/sda1 partition as the swap partition.

Hard Disk Partition Setup:

OS PartitionDevice

Swap /dev/sda1(hd0,0)

Primary Partition:
OS PartitionDevice
Suse Enterprise Linux Desktop 11/dev/sda3(hd0,2)

Primary Partition:
OS PartitionDevice
OpenSuse 10/dev/sda4(hd0,3)

Extended Partition:
OS Partition Device
OpenSuse 11 /dev/sda5 (hd0,4)
Knoppix 5 /dev/sda6 (hd0,5)
CentOS 5 /dev/sda7 (hd0,6)
Fedora 9 /dev/sda8 (hd0,7)
Ubuntu 9 /dev/sda9 (hd0,8)
Mandriva /dev/sda10 (hd0,9)
Slackware /dev/sda11 (hd0,10)
Ubuntu 8 /dev/sda12 (hd0,11)
Fedora 10 /dev/sda13 (hd0,12)
Mepis /dev/sda14 (hd0,13)
Gentoo /dev/sda15 (hd0,14)

Step Three

Choose your bootloader. A bootloader lets you load and run all of your different operating systems on your new multiboot box. This box is using Fedora 9′s GRUB Bootloader to load all of the Linux Distributions on the box. Listed below is the main partition of the grub bootloader:

/dev/sda8 (hd0,7)

Step Four

When Installing each OS make sure that the boot loader installs only on that OS’s Partition and not the Master Boot Record(MBR). Only install the boot loader that you want to use permanently on the MBR.

I Used Fedora Core 9′s Grub Bootloader to install on the MBR.

After you install each OS, you then need to boot up Fedora 9 and copy the following:
1.) New OS Drive’s /boot/(everything except grub)
2.) Open up /boot/grub/menu.lst and copy only the lines that pertain to the new os.

title Gentoo Linux 2.6.24-r5
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/kernel-genkernel-x86-2.6.24-gentoo-r5 root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc ramdisk=8192 real_root=/dev/sda3 udev
initrd /boot/initramfs-genkernel-x86-2.6.24-gentoo-r5

Once this has been done you should be able to restart the computer and boot up your new os.

Do this one os at a time.

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