Mar 18


So, you just bought a brand new Wifi iPad and you want to be able to use 3G from your iPhone to power the wifi on the iPad.  If this is the case then you have come to the right place.  Listed below are the steps you need to use your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G(S) to connect the iPad with a wireless network setup from your iPhone.  This way you will not have to buy a new wifi/3G iPad in the next few weeks and you will also be able to bypass the extra 30 dollars a month for the iPad data plan:

Step 1.) Whether you are using a Mac or a PC, you will need to go to  If you are using Mac then click on the apple icon, if you are on PC, then you will need to click on the windows icon.  Then download the blackra1n app that will jailbreak your iPhone and allow you to install the MyWi app that will create your iPhone wireless network.

Step 2.)  Before you run the Blackra1n install app be sure to sync up and backup your iPhone one last time before you start.

Step 3.)  Connect your iPhone to your computer.  Once connected, run the blackra1n install app.

Step 4.)  It will automatically do everything for you to jailbreak your phone, just make sure that you are patient while it does it’s thing.

Step 5.)  Once the iPhone is jailbroken, go into the Rock app that’s now installed on your iPhone.

Step 6.)  Once in Rock App, go to search and look for the MyWi app.

Step 7.)  Install the MyWi app.

Step 8.)  Once you have installed the MyWi app, go into the app and under tethering turn “USB and Bluetooth” OFF.

Step 9.)  Before you turn everything on just make sure that bluetooth is turned off on your iPad and iPhone.

Step 10.)  Then name your new wifi network something simple.  After this you just need to turn “WIFI Tethering” ON.

Step 10.)  Once your new 3g wifi network is up and running, just go to settings on your iPad and change the Wifi network to the one you just created in step 9.

Step 11.) You are done.  Now you have 3g on your wifi iPad.

Mar 09

This is an easy trick to quickly email an http link or url from the Safari Web browser to the Apple email application and have it ready to send to anyone in a jiffy.  All you need to do is to type in your url into your Safari web browser.


Drag the icon from the left side of the Safari url down into the mail icon on the Dock.

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