Jan 26

So, you want to be able to create your very own wifi hotspot that you can take anywhere on the go to power up all of your mobile devices like your iPad and notebook? Well, look no further, if you have an Android phone or a Samsung Galaxy S, then you have come to the right place. Just follow the steps below and you will be wifi tethering your devices to your phone in just a few minutes:

1.) You must first root your Android phone. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S then you can follow the steps to one of my previous posts: How to root your Android 2.1 Samsung Captivate or Vibrant

2.) Once your phone has been rooted, open up the web browser on your phone and go to the following webpage: http://szym.net/apk/barnacle_latest.apk. This will download and install a program called Barnacle on your phone that allows you to create a wifi hotspot from your phone.

3.) Once Barnacle has been installed on your phone, go to -> Applications -> Barnacle Wifi Tether. Press the button on your phone to bring up the settings menu. Once in settings, you can configure all of the necessary settings for your wifi hotspot, the defaults will work just fine, but if you just leave the defaults with no changes, you won’t have any security on your wifi hotspot.

4.) When you have finished configuring your wifi hotspot settings, the only thing left to do is go back to the main screen in Barnacle Wifi Tether and click on “Start”.

5.) That’s it, enjoy surfing the Internet from your mobile devices using your brand new wifi hotspot on your phone.

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